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Nebojša Kuzmanović was born on the 10th of October 1962 in Gradačac (BiH). He went to a primary school in Bobota, and later on to Vukovar and Osijek (Cro) where he graduated at the Economic Highschool. The received his diploma at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad in 1988. In 2001 he received the title of Magister at the Department for Serbian and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad and in 2009 at the same faculty he defended his doctor’s thesis titled ”Serbo-Slovak Literary and Cultural Ties During the Romanticism Era” by which he earned his PhD title as a Doctor of Literature.

He was an assistant to the Head Editor of the Novi Sad student journal ”Gaudeamus” in 1988 and 1989 and editor in the Literature Association of Novi Sad from 1989 to 1994. He worked at the editorial board for the journal ”Krovovi” from Sremski Karlovci, and afterward in the ”Pisac” and ”Adresa” journals in Novi Sad. He founded the publishing company ”Istočnik” in 1994 which he ran until 1998. From 1995 he was a member of the Society of Writers of Vojvodina. In 1999 he was elected to be the Cheif Editor of the Literature Club ”DIS” from Bačka Palanka. By the end of 2001 in Bačka Palanka he founded a journal dedicated to culture, literature and art ”Sunčanik”, where he was the Chief Editor. From 2003 he became the Chief Editor for the Society for Science and Creativity ”Logos”. In 2002 he was accepted as a member of Matica Srpska and as a member of Matica Slovačka. Nebojša Kuzmanović, on the 3rd of February 2012, was elected to be the first President of the ”Društvo Članova Matice Srpske Bačka Palanka”.

He has been publishing essays, reviews and other social science works, since 1986, in journals from Novi Sad such as ”Polja”, ”Savremenost”, ”To Jest”, ”Glas Omladine”, ”Stav” and ”Dnevnik” and afterwords in journals in Sremski Karlovci ”Krovovi”, in Belgrade ”Književnost”, ”Vukova zadužbina” and ”Danica”, in Subotica ”Luča”, in Šamac ”Koridor”, in Maribor ”Kontakt”, in Podgorica ”Ovdje”, in Pančevo journal for literature, culture and art ”Sveske”, journal ”Kultura Polisa”, the newspaper ”Zbilja”, the online journal ”Balkanski Književni Glasnik” Belgrade, the Roma journal ”Reč Roma” (”Alav e Rromengo”), the first Slovenian online journal ”Locutio”, Ljubljana, and afterwards in ”Sunčanik”. He also published articles in the Slovak ”Novi Život” (”Novu život”) journal from Bački Petrovac, as well as journals from the Republic of Slovakia ”Novi Dan” (”Novu Den”, Bratislava), ”Kultura” (”Kultura”, Bratislava), ”Literary Magazine” (”Literárny týždenník”, Časopis Spolku slovenských spisovateľov, Bratislava), ”Slovačke Narodne Novine” (”Slovenske Narodne Noviny”, Martin), the journal ”Slavica Slovaka”, Bratislava and ”Slovačka” (”Slovensko”) – journal of Matica Slovačka from Martina.

He wrote hundreds of articles from various social science fields and the following books:

1. ”The Colors of Rebelion” (Boje bunila) (songs), ”To jest”, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad 1989;

2. ”The Soul of Serbia” (Duša Srbije) (Compilation of the sayings of Nikolaj Velimirović), I edition KZNS 1993, II edition ”Istočnik”, ”Nevkoš”, ”Oktoih”, Novi Sad – Podgorica, 1995; III edition ”Dobrica knjiga”, Novi Sad 2000;

3. ”The Existential Spheres in Kierkegaard” (Kjerkegorove sfere egzistencije), ”Krovovi”, Sremski Karlovci 1997; II edition: ”Logos” – ”Dis”, Bačka Palanka 2003;

4. ”Imitations” (Imitacije), (edited and published Compilation of philosophical works of Milan Kovačević), ”Istočnik”, Novi Sad and ”Krovovi”, Sremski Karlovci 1998.

5. ”Bočar” (monograph of the location), coauthor, PMF Novi Sad and MZ Bočar 1998;

6. ”Ptolemaic Twist” (Ptolomejski obrt), (book of anthropological – philosophical essays) ”LDIJ” Veternik, 1999;

7. ”Toward a Slavic Origin” (Ka slovenskom istoliku), (writings about literature), ”Atom” Bačka Palanka, ”Krovovi” Sremski Karlovci, ”Kalekom” Beograd 2000;

8. ”The Meeting of Cultures”(Susretanje kultura) (Serbo-Slovak cultural-literary connections Risto Kovijanić), ”Logos”, ”DIS”, ”Matica slovačka”, Bačka Palanka 2004; II edition published by the same company 2005;

9. ”Bobota 1269 – 2005.” (monograph of the location), coauthor, publishers Trpinja Municipality – Local Committee of Bobota and DNS ”Logos”, Bačka Palanka 2005;

10.  ”The Orientation of Value of Young People” (Vrednosne orijentacije mladih) (collection of works), coauthor, DNS ”Logos”, Bačka Palanka 2005;

11. ”The Meeting of Cultures”(Stretavanie kultur), (Serbo-Slovak cultural-literary connections, translated to Slovakian by: Pavel Matuh), publishers ”Matica slovačka”, DNS ”Logos” and KK ”DIS”, Bačka Palanka 2006;

12. ”Serbs and Slovaks” (Srbi a Slovaci), second revised edition (’’Serbo-Slovak cultural-literary connections’’, translated to Slovakian by: Pavel Matuh), publishers Matica slovačka, DNS ”Logos” and KK ”DIS”, Bačka Palanka 2008;

13. ”In the Wake of Parlamentarism” (Buđenje parlamentarizma), (book of interviews and reflection on the formation of parliamentarism in Serbia and Yugoslavia) coauthored by Borislav Novaković, ”Logos”, Bačka Palanka 2010.

14. ”Romanticism in Serbo-Slovak Cultural Ties” (Romantizam u srpsko-slovačkim kulturnim vezama), ”Malo istorijsko društvo”, Novi Sad; Društvo za nauku i stvaralaštvo ”Logos”, Bačka Palanka 2011.

15. ” Serbian Progress” (Srpski istočnici) – famous people of Vukovar, Bačka Palanka and Beli Manastir, coauthor, ”Srpski kulturni centar”, Vukovar, 2015;

16. ”Serbian Spiritual Similarities” (Srpske duhovne vertikale) – famous people of the Bačka Palanka area, ”Gradska biblioteka”, Novi Sad and ”Društvo članova Matice srpske”, Bačka Palanka 2016;

17. ”The Nađmeđer Valley of Death of Risto Kovačić” (Nađmeđerska dolina smrti Rista Kovijanića), ”Prometej”, Novi Sad and ”Spolok Srbov na Slovensku”, Bratislava 2016;

18. ”Philosophical Breadcrumbs” (Filozofske mrvice), ”Prometej” Novi Sad 2016.

19. LIBER AMICORUM, reviews and criticisms of the works of Nebojša Kuzmanović, KC ”Karlovačka umetnička radionica”, Sremski Karlovci 2016.

20. ”Philosophical Breadcrumbs” (Filozoficke omrvinky), Slovak Writers’ Society, ”Association of Serbs in Slovakia”, Bratislava, Prometej, Novi Sad 2018.

21. Gudovac – The Path of Crime (Gudovac – Put zločina), ”The Archives of Vojvodina”, Novi Sad; ”Serb National Council” – the Archives of Serbs in Croatia, Zagreb 2019.

22. Collective identity of The Slovaks in Serbia (Kolektivni identiteti Slovaka u Srbiji)): The Importance of Slovak Cultural and Educational Institutions and Confessional Identity for the Construction and Reflection of the National Identity of the Slovaks in Serbia , Obšust, Kristijan; Kuzmanović, Nebojša; ”the Archives of Vojvodina”, Novi Sad, 2019.

In 2004, Kuzmanović received the greatest regional honor – The October Award of the Bačka Palanka region, for his contributions to the development of multicultural ties and relations; in 2005 he received the Trpinja Region Award (Cro) for his contribution in the preservation of its cultural identity and for connecting the Serbian ethnic community with their motherland; in 2008 the Golden Badge of the CEC of Serbia and the Ministry for the Diaspora of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for his ”selfless, devoted and long term work and creative contribution to the development of culture”; in 2009 the Charter of the ”Petar Kočić” Foundation from Banja Luka for his contribution to the development of international cultural cooperation; in 2010 a prestigious award from the Cultural Center ”Pavle Marković Adamov” from Sremski Karlovci for his ”contribution for shedding light on Serbo-Slovak ties”; in 2012 he received the greatest award that the Matica Slovačka in Serbia grants at the ”Slovačke narodne svečanosti” – ”Dakovna Diploma”. In 2014, at the International Science Conference ”Slovaks and Serbs – History and the Present Day” that was held in Novi Sad at the Assembly of Vojvodina, Nebojša Kuzmanović received one of the most important awards for his work – the Svetozar Miletić” medal given by the Association of Serbs in Slovakia. In 2015 he received the annual award by the Society of Journalists of Vojvodina ”Dimitrije Frušić”, and in 2018 the Plaque of the Joint Council of Serbian Municipalities in Vukovar, while in 2019 he received a Medal from the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, which the Slovak Minister of Culture Ljubica Lašakova gave to him.

Kuzmanović has, since 1986, worked in the bookstore ”Nolit” in Novi Sad as a bookseller. Since 1989 he worked at the Literature Association of Novi Sad as an editor; in 1997 he worked in the municipality administration of Bačka Palanka, as a cultural official, an educational inspector, head of cultural activities, so that in 2016 the Assembly of Vojvodina would name him the Assistant Secretary of Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities. As of July 2018, Nebojša Kuzmanović is the Director of the Archives of  Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

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